The Growth of Online Casinos Amidst COVID-19

The pandemic’s global impact has led to witness many industries being flogged to death. The gambling industry itself has agonized with this predicament. However, shortly we see a twist of fate with Lady Luck bequeathing all good fortune to the online gambling industry. We bear testimony to not just a balanced business yet to a leap in the online casino industry.

Tribute to the Shift

As people remain confined to the four walls of their home, they are embarking on a scavenger hunt to discover online resources to work, learn, and most significantly, to stay entertained. Numerous online casinos have recorded a 40% surge in traffic, with a notable figure being newbies. With the increased entry of newcomers in a race to keep themselves amused, there exist a rise in the lookout for tips and tricks to win in an online casino. Therefore, it is not merely the online gambling industry that is thriving. Still, those companies providing content on online gambling are also reaping a harvest, especially with the entry of newcomers.


Even for the veteran gamblers, the solace has now been transformed into the online alternative because of the closedown of brick-and-mortar casinos. The folks who fancied a poker game with his friends while relishing a bottle of beer have now overhauled into an online poker experience with the same gang while savouring a cup of coffee – probably because his toddler might be seated on his lap.

The surge in searches for online games where witnessed from this March. This rise has been contributed by an inflow of new users along with the migration of seasoned players from land-based casinos shifting to the latest platform. Experts also predict that this present short-term growth progress will transcend into spiraling long-term development.

The Eclipse

The pandemic’s global impact is unequivocally cynical, not restricted to our personal lives but, moreover, the economic damage that it has engendered – a diabolic pandemic. Thankfully for the online gambling industry, the future seems vivid – despite the chaos, it has wrought. This unexpected turn of events has facilitated online casinos with a land-based casino to mitigate any short-term losses while stand-alone online casinos are witnessing a boost in revenue than ever before.

Online Casino

This has enabled the industry not merely a year-end growth but also a substantial 13% growth in the total online gambling revenue by 2023. This leaves us to witness an outstanding event, wherein the total income of the industry crosses $90 billion for the first time. Not only in the revenue can we observe this refashioning but also in the user experience, which is exquisite. Virtual Reality has augmented the online gambling sphere – a virtual tour through the online casino.

Despite all the industries being chained to the ground and groveling in the sand due to the financial strains inflicted by COVID-19, we bear testimony to the online gambling industry rise like a phoenix from the ashes.


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